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Fishing charters or anyone carrying paying passengers in boats are subject to regulations under the Canada Shipping Act 2001/Small Vessel Regulations. Included in the regulations is the requirement for proper commercial insurance.


Access to this type of insurance can be expensive. We, the Ontario Sport Fishing Guides Association (OSGA), have access to a special group rate for this type of insurance. Over the years, our members have benefited greatly from this reduced cost.

Drop us a line and catch some great benefits!


General Information - Association Secretary:

Steve Tuck: P:  905 261-7624 or Email:

New Membership Coordinator:

Cameron Dawson: P: 416-471-3611 or Email:

Website Coordinator:

Jayson Marion: P:  1-289-448-5208 or Email:

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Marc Kulak: P: 1-416-302-4161 Email: kingslandingfishing@gmailcom

OSGA Membership also offers:

  • Help with achieving necessary Transport Canada requirements. The regulations can be quite confusing and time consuming. We can advise and help get problems resolved. We monitor and participate in regulation reform allowing our members some influence and a heads up of changes.

  • OSGA's Members are promoted on our website. This site has been developed over a number of years and experiences thousands of hits from your potential customers.

  • The current cost of membership is $150.00 per year for new members and $125.00 per year for renewals made before 30 January each year.

  • All persons operating your vessel are required to meet Transport Canada and OSGA requirements for the operation of a Small Commercial Vessel in Ontario waters.

OSGA Charter Boat

Membership requirements are:

  • Meet existing requirements for the operation of Small Commercial Vessels and proper commercial insurance.

  • Membership has some great benefits. Our members report that the savings with the special insurance rates greatly offsets any membership costs.

  • Help with sorting out Transport Canada regulations can save you many frustrating hours.

  • Some general Transport Canada requirements may be found on their website by clicking here. Scroll down to Part 4 which is relevant to the majority of our members.

  • Members get business from our website. You can't buy what we offer in promotion for $125.00 per year. Membership makes sense.

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